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How to GYM

Gyms can be terrifying places full of harsh lighting, harsher mirrors and a seemingly the harshest eyes.

Here's a step by step guide to gyms.

You need to find the right one for you, and generally unless you're after a specialty  - crossfit / strong man / gymnastics / etc it's gonna be about location, location, location. Something near home or work, mostly people won't travel more than 15-30 min out of their way, scientific fact there people. So step one is realism.

Step two, try before you buy. ALL commercial gyms should offer you a free trial - one, maybe even three days if you’re lucky. Do you like it? Does the surroundings work for you? Space, kit, changing rooms, are the showers adequate? Understand this now before you sign up to a contract.

Step three, don't be pressured into signing up on the spot - and EVEN if you have remember you have a statutory 14 days cooling off period with every contract. See what you can get knocked off, is there a corporate discount? Will they waive the pointless starter package etc?

You get what you pay for - cheaper gyms work on volume - just cramming members in, bear that in mind if you're planning to go at peak time, when you’re presented with a scene from jumanji. I’d always suggest trying to go off peak, if you have flexible schedules.

You have the kit - now use it. Please ventrue out in to new lands, try new things, take a class -  you might hate but, christ you won't know otherwise. Experiment with the kit in a safe way, watch the odd tutorial video / take a mate along with. Ask a PT for advice, THE FIRST SESSION should always be FREE, and some may pressure you to sign up but if you don't like it feel free to walk away.

I know if feels like you’re being judged by others, honestly people are generally so self centred or insecure they don’t care about you. You just do what you need to, to achieve your goal

You’ve paid for the colours of the wind, now learn how to paint with them.

JUST TURN UP, this will form the habit in the beginning, it's not about trying and failing - it's about doing, doing something.

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