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Bulgogi - Three Ways

So I'm a big fan of Korean food, that salty, fresh, umami goodness.

Beef bulgogi is one of my faves, and is especially great from a food truck that I can never remember that lives on Whitecross Street near the Barbican that isn't shy with their Kimchi *drool face*.

Anyway 14 hour days later working in fitness, i need me some mother fucking umami. i found a recipe and well bodged it together and it works great. Here's how I make it.



Soy sauce 4 tbl spoon

Sesame Oil 4 tbl spoon

Mirin 3 tbl spoon

Fish Sauce 3 tbl spoon

Black pepper to tast

Lime Juice (half of one )

Garlic (5 cloves, finely diced )

Ginger (1.5 inch finely diced)

1 red Onion per person (quartered )

Honey - a dash

Stir Fry




Rice (- Groundbreaking, 75g uncooked per person)



Sesame seeds

The Star of the show

So last time I made it, I used those super lean quick fry beef steaklets - worked out as about 150g per person, I've also used rump and fillet before, stick to good quality meat - its going to be cooked med-rare so remember that.

So Beef

Or Pescy - meaty white fish - Pollock, Colley, or to a lesser extent Salmon

Veggie/Vegan - Tofu (the firm kind) or Aubergine *insert emoji*

Pre-Dinner time

Whack all marinade in a little baggy then pop the beef ( or alternative ) in and leave in the fridge.

A few hours is fine, all day with the heavier proteins is great just be careful with delicate fish as the acidity will break it down.

Dinner time

Meat is out of the fridge - remove from marinade - don't throw anything away.

Prep yo' veg!

Rice is on - 10 Mins fish, time to get cracking

Stir fry the Veg - using the marinade as a saucing agent.

Pan fry the beef - get the pan fucking hot, either dry fry or add a little oil to the meat, NOT THE PAN. 2 mins ether side, until nicely seared, you know cook it how you like it, i like it fairly fucking rare. Remove from pan, allow to rest and then carve.

Rice on the plate

Veg on the plate

Meat on the plate

Garnish and enjoy.

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