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What We Offer

Online Personalised Coaching


We create personalised training programmes to help you achieve your goals, tailored specifically for your needs - not some cookie cutter spreadsheet emailed to you by coaches who then forget that you exist...

You will receive periodic workout schedules along with bi-weekly check ins from your coach. We provide full time support in your training as well as nutritional analysis and advice to keep you motivated and on track. How we catch up is down to what's best for you, whether that's email, Skype or by phone.


The Hour was created as a concept by Me and Sam to deliver honest, science led and affordable fitness solutions all with the help and support of a PT. 


This stands alone from our respective solo specialist PT businesses, but made with our combined knowledge and experience. 



The Hour  

Month by month programme delivery 


Working with an online spreadsheet specially created after your consultation and intro workouts. Base line tests to asses strength and and function in the big lifts and some cardiovascular testing.


This is designed for those confident in the gym and ready to get to business, looking for guidance in how they should structure their workouts and approach their exercise.


The Hour+ 


Workouts delivered using TrueCoach a premium and private app where your workouts are delivered with videos and written content. 


Workouts tailored week by week to meet your needs. Based on how you respond daily. 


Good for those with special requirements. / pregnancy / home based / injury rehab / medical issues, or more specific goal driven requirements  - competitions, meetings etc.



Both options come with nutritional guidance, food analysis and then working with you biometric data to give you accurate macro and calorie data to make sure youre hitting your targets. Also phone / Skype check ins. As well as biometric monitoring, and out support.





Or if you’re based in London we offer the above with in-person help with a Hour face to face with Matt or Sam at one of our central London locations, or travel to your home or facility. 


The Hour or The Hour + face to face session. 



Designed for those that would like PT drop in services, a kick up the arse, running though a routine, help with a specific lift, technique etc, whatever you need with no commitment and a plan to walk away with. 




That’s a brief over view of what we do. But as I said this is personal training, so let us know your requirements and we’ll let you know how we’d deliver it, this isn’t just a cookie cutter concept. This is your Hour. 

The best thing to do it schedule a chat to get a real time response to what your needs are.

Matt & Sam 


We ask you to undertake a week of trial workouts to assess your knowledge, skill, and level of fitness. From there we set the ball rolling with  your tailored workouts. 


Week by week, we deliver you workouts.

and week by week, we listen to your feedback on likes /  dislikes /  effectiveness. Also we'll be checking in along the way with text/ emails / Skype calls through the week to see if you're doing ok, and remember that you can contact us on any of these methods throughout your time with us if you have questions.


it's more than just weights and cardio - we help with nutritional advice and looking at positive changes to your day to day life, so that you can make to really expedite how you get to your goals.


Sometimes we can't see the wood for the trees and we get that. Things can be difficult, and we are they to listen to you, hear out concerns and questions and offer your full support along the way.

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About Us

Self improvement in an hour or less per day

We are both full time fitness professionals covering a broad range of activity, from personal training to small group training, to coaching large classes. We each have more than five years of experience working in the industry and countless more in our personal lives.

The connection we have with 'fitness' is one that goes much deeper than weight loss, how much we can lift, or achieving some predetermined physical aesthetic. Our journeys have been more than physical - they've been emotional too, and we have both learned to conquer a lot of our demons by finding the link between the physical and emotional wellbeing.

This is at the core of why we have both made careers in this industry. We wanted to create effective programmes that will help you to get really get to know your body; how to move it better, how to make it stronger, how to hit targets that you had hoped for but hadn't thought possible.

The Coaches

Matt Smith


Matt came into fitness late in life at the age of 25, growing up as a large kid, after losing over 11 stone of fat, he became a Personal Trainer using his background in science and personal experience to help his clients. He went on to be come a specialist PT that is trained in the following areas:​

  • Strength and Conditioning 

  • Fat loss /  Weight loss / Weight gain

  • Pre and Post Natal

  • Rehab and Injury Management

  • 500hr Yoga instructor


Sam Bradley

Sam started his fitness career whilst serving in the RAF, after leaving the Armed Forces, Sam went full time in to fitness, teaching intense and technical group classes with GymBox and DigMe, whilst also being a Personal Trainer and a CrossFit Level 1 Coach. 

Before I started working with Matt and Sam I had lost some of the momentum I'd had previously on my fitness journey. I was going to the gym regularly but I'd slightly lost the spark for training and my nutrition needed some work. After I started following the plan I was introduced to new styles of workouts which reignited my love for lifting! The workouts were varied, exciting and easy to follow. The various injuries I have were worked around without me feeling like I had limitations and I was challenged week on week with new moves so I felt like I was making good progress by learning new lifts or seeing weight added to the bar. If I had any questions about particular exercises they were always answered quickly. The support received was great because both, Matt and Sam, genuinely care which fosters a positive energy to help you along.

Fran D

We think in a world of individuality and variety, your training and coaching  should reflect that. Not just be another generic offering. 

Matt and Sam

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